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An Introduction of sorts

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I love BBQ .. There I said it !  Its just that simple.  If not everyday I could eat it every other day
for sure.  What fuels my love of BBQ? - Not only the taste and the fragrance but the locations and people.   

What do I mean by that?  

Well, when I think BBQ I think Family, I think Friends, I am reminded of past cookouts, backyard holidays
and picnics.   The images of America and 4th of July pop into my head.
 Its not just the flavors and taste of the food itself.   Its culture and its memories.

"If you are able to do something you love for money then it isn't work"  
The opportunity to place myself in the BBQ world came and I jumped at the opportunity.  I was worried
being in the bbq business might kill the love and passion I had for my hobby. In the end  I felt it was worth the chance to do something I enjoyed so much even if it was not for full time employment. 

What has happened?? I have not lost any of the love for BBQ and my memories have not been clouded.
In reality  I now have a bigger passion for the hobby and the culture of BBQ than I ever did before this en devour!

In my journey I have met some wonderful fellow BBQ lovers.  Whether they were serious competition cooks, backyard heroes or just fellow recreational weekend warriors  they have just been awesome. They all have brought smiles to me face!

My goal was and will remain to offer great quality products for great quality people at a competitive price.  I am constantly looking for new products that fit all levels of BBQing.  Have a suggestion... please drop me a note. I would love to check it out.

Through meeting great people and making great friends www.barbequejunction.com will undergo some changes over the next 6-12-18 months.  
A new website(basically a facelift) will be launched that is more user friendly and will have more information and tutorials about the great products.   
We will have a picture section to post about your cooks and post about your comp results. 
We will have video reviews and some tips from the Pro BBQersWe will continue to work on making our product selection what you the customers would like. Look for new items soon!

Locally we are always looking into taking Barbeque Junction to a brick and Mortar retail location.

In the end I am just a regular guy that loves BBQ.  I love that it stands for Family, Friends and America.  I believe that I
am lucky to be able to work doing something I love.

I will continue to try and provide great products to you great people and do my best to provide a great buying expierence.

Thanks and now get to BBQing!!